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I don’t really have an acquit to go on foot alone anymore, and I miss it.

I miss the seasons when I’d bar in for a soaring and let my eyes gad about around the staying area at the gate, trying to conjecture who my station-mate would be. I always hoped I’d make a dear companion, yet still asked for a window station, so I could stare out the window instead of having an unwanted conversation if my neighbor turned out to be a dud, which is what usually happened. I always got paired with the most unappealing colleague, one whose material substance mass?—?or, worse, smell?—?would spread more than the arm quiescence into my district. Even then, it was something to scrawl about, to chuckle 0ver silently.

ከሁሉም የተሻለው ውይይት ሁል ጊዜ ከራስዎ ጋር የሚያደርጉት ውይይት ነው ፡፡

ለብቻዎ በሚሆኑበት ጊዜ ፣ ​​እያንዳንዱ አስደሳች ነገር እንዲከሰት እያንዳንዱ ቅጽበት ቅጽል ስም ነው ለአንዴ ተጨማሪ ሁል ጊዜ ቦታ አለ ፣ ግን አብዛኛውን ጊዜ ለሁለት አይደለም።

The first duration I traveled alone, I flew to London and took the Eurostar to Paris, where I was studying abroad. It was a transformative two-sixty minutes trail ride because when I woke up, it was abruptly snowing and everyone was talk French. When I ran my belongings through safety at Gare du Nord, I ignorantly dropped my passport, only to have a foreigner peck it up for me. The kindness of strangers shines through when you’re freed from a set clan of friends, marking you as one of their የግል. When you’re alone, you belong to everyone.

የአንዱን ቀለበት መሆን ሌሎች መሰሎች አሉ ፡፡ ያለ ግንባታ ማንም ፎቶግራፍ ለማንሳት እንደቆምን። በእራስዎ whim ላይ የራስዎ መመሪያ መጽሐፍ መፍጠር. ያለ ክርክር የትም ሆነ የትም ይበሉ። ከማንኛውም ማግለል በእግር መሄድ ይችላሉ እናም አንዳንድ ጊዜ መነቀስ እና መከታተል ጥሩ እንደሆነ መገንዘብ ይችላሉ።

እኔ ከውጭ አከባቢ በዚህ ውስጥ ውስን ነኝ? ምናልባት እኔ ተጓዥ ነኝ ፡፡ ምናልባት ለመረዳት የማልችለው ተሳፋሪ ነኝ። ወይም ምናልባት የግንኙነት ፍላጎት ያለው ሌላ ሰው ነኝ ፡፡ ልክ እንደሌላው ሰው።

ለሁለተኛ ጊዜ በተጓዝኩበት ሁለተኛ ጊዜ እኔ ወደ ሆንግ ኮንግ በዲፍ ቦርሳ ተጠቅሜ ወደ Geo-Dforelling Fãtete hostel ሄድኩኝ ፡፡ የእኔ ቦታ የአንድ እስር ቤት መጠን ነበር ፣ ግን የሚያስፈልገኝን ሁሉ ነበረው ፡፡ እንደፈለግኩት ለመሄድ እና ለመምጣት ነፃ ነበርኩ ፡፡ የተካተተውን ከተማ ብቻዬን እቅበዋለሁ እናም በአንድ ሰው ህልም ፣ ወይም በፊልም ወይም ሊታየኝ በማይቻልበት አጠቃላይ ፍጥረት ውስጥ የተጠመጠመኝ ሆኖ ተሰማኝ ፡፡

The next break of day, I woke up, got my hair washed, and ate fried shrimp balls on a rod with balmy sauce?—?all for less than two dollars. I spent the quiescence of the day roving around LAN Kwai Fong, stopping to eat dainty bleb tea, then an egg acidulous, then public way-diction shark fin soup with a BBQ chicken leg. I went to New Toilet-table for dinner and reflection about the Mary Douglas work, Purity and Peril, wondering why anyone (myself included) would want to eat in a eating-house that had a bathroom topic. Curiosity, I conjecture, is what lured me in.

Afterwards, I continued to carry ወደታች my summer sandals, my eyes growing tired from the flashing neon lungs of the incorporated town at obscurity. When I returned to my pygmean quarter, I found the possessor of the hostel, a bug-eyed woman named Miss Kitty, staying up to tell me with affect that my female parent had called. I thanked her and went to my space. When I started to sun-dial dwelling, I realized that a few more hours of worrying until a break of day entitle wouldn’t murder my female parent. I slept more thoroughly that obscurity than ever.

መጓዝ ብቻውን በጣም ዝቅተኛ ነው ነገር ግን ወደ ውስጥ መጓዝ የቴክሳስ ኪራይ አውቶቡስ ፓርቲ አስደሳች ሊሆን ይችላል ፡፡ እኛ በራሳችን ለመሆን እና የራሳችንን ውሳኔ ለማድረግ በመፍራት ተጣምረን ለመቆየት በጣም ስለፈለግን ነውን? የእኛን ጠቃሚ ወቅቶች የሚያረጋግጥ ሌላ ብሔር ያስፈልገናል?

እኛ ማድረግ የለብንም። እኛ - - እና እኛ እኛ “እኔ” ማለቴ “እኔ” ማለት ነው - - እኛ ሁሌ የምንጎበኘውን ወደ ተካተተው ከተማ ወይም ደሴት ወይም የፖለቲካ ክፍፍል ልንሰራ ይገባል ፡፡ ማንንም መጠበቅ አልነበረብኝም ፡፡ ምንም ችግር የለውም ወይም እነሱ መሄድ እንደፈለጉ ወይም እኔ የማቆርበት ቦታ እንዳላቸው የሚነግረኝ ማንም ሰው አልጠብቅም። እሄዳለሁ ፡፡

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