If you are someone who has found a ፋይል with the extension .notebook, then there is a high chance that you are wondering how to ክፍት such a file. Yes, .notebook files are pretty rare these days, which is why there are not a lot of software in the market that can successfully open these files, and if you are a Mac or Macbook user, the options are pretty scarce. But, before we discuss how to open these .notebook files, let’s take a look at what .notebook files are.


የማስታወሻ ደብተር ፋይል ምንድነው እና የማስታወሻ ደብተር ፋይሎችን በ Mac ላይ እንዴት እንደሚከፍት


For those of you who are new to this, the .notebook file extension, also known as SMART notebook files, was developed by SMART technologies. The NOTEBOOK file format is associated with SMART Notebook software. This software allows teachers to create ተለዋዋጭ classroom lecture materials. It contains notes, diagrams, images, audio, video, flash animations. It is used for storing and sharing ዲጂታል lesson notes with teachers and students.

ብዙውን ጊዜ አንዳንድ ፒሲዎች የ ‹ኖትቡክ› ፋይሎችን በቀጥታ እንዲከፍቱ የሚያስችልዎ አብሮገነብ ሶፍትዌሮች አሏቸው ፣ ግን ፋይሎቹ በትክክል ያልተከፈቱባቸው ወይም ጨርሶ ያልከፈቱባቸው አጋጣሚዎች አሉ ፣ ይህ ወደ ዋናው መፍትሔ ይመራናል ፡፡

The best way to open .notebook files, on basically any ኮምፕዩተር, is to use the proprietary Sየማርት ቴክኖሎጂዎች ማስታወሻ ደብተር እና የ SMART ቴክኖሎጂዎች ማስታወሻ ደብተር ኤክስፕረስ ለዊንዶውስ ፣ ማክ እና ሊነክስ ሲስተሞች የሚገኝ ሶፍትዌር ፡፡

The basic version of this software is available for free and you can አውርድእዚህ.

እዚህ ላይ አንድ የጥንቃቄ ቃል የ ‹ኖትቡክ› ፋይል ከተቀበሉ እና ቅጥያውን መሰየም የፋይሉን ባህሪ ይቀይረዋል ብለው ካሰቡ ፣ በሚያሳዝን ሁኔታ ፣ አይሰራም ፣ ስለሆነም እባክዎን ያንን ከመሞከርዎ ይታቀቡ ፡፡ ፋይሉን በአጠቃላይ አደጋ ላይ የሚጥል አደጋ ፡፡

ከ. ኖትቡክ ፋይሎችን ጋር ብዙ የሚዛመዱ ከሆነ በቀላሉ ወደ SMART ቴክኖሎጂ ማስታወሻ ደብተር ሶፍትዌር መሄድ እንዳለብዎ እንመክራለን ፡፡

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