Microsoft has been trying to give its product line, a whole new identity. For years, the tech giant has been facing severe criticism for its rather outdated platforms, unreliable performance, and just sheer bad offerings. The first step in the right direction for Microsoft is Windows 10. The last-named OS for Microsoft has been adopted on the majority of Windows devices, and the fact that it’s a free upgrade makes it even more compelling as a እሽግ.

The next step that Microsoft has taken, in their rebuild, is to develop a faster version of their Edge አሳሽ, which not only features a distinct logo change but major overhauls as well in terms of performance.

በዚህ ጽሑፍ ውስጥ የአዲሱን አዲስ የማይክሮሶፍት ኤክስፕሎረር ማሰሻዎችን ጥቅሞች ልንነግርዎ ነው ፡፡

Edge goes Chrome

So the biggest benefit that you are going to get with the new Edge browser is a near Chrome-like experience. The reason for this is that Microsoft has developed the new Edge browser on the Chromium engine, which is the same engine that powers the Chrome browser. There are certain አእምሮ optimizations that are still to be done on the new Edge browser, but the rest of the experience is identical to Chrome. An added bonus is a gorgeous በይነገጽ that makes the Edge browser even look good.


The interface is clean and snappy

Speaking of the interface, the Edge browser has undergone a radical change thanks to the Chromium engine. We have a similar layout as the one on Chrome. The whole መድረክ feels intuitive and familiar, which makes it easy for us to get used to it in a matter of minutes. Unnecessary elements have been removed and the whole browser is now much lighter than its predecessors.

የአሳሽ ቅንጅቶችን በተመለከተ አዲሱ የ Edge አሳሽ ከ Chrome ጋር የሚመሳሰል አቀማመጥ ያሳያል ፣ እና ለመቀየር በእርግጥ አሳማኝ ምክንያት ይሰጥዎታል።


የአዲሱ Microsoft Edge Browser ጥቅሞች ምንድ ናቸው?


Customized Experience from the get-go

The new Edge browser imports all your browser settings from your previous browser during the setup. This ensures that you can continue where you left ጠፍቷል without having to go through the whole activity again.

በአዲሱ Edge አሳሽ ውስጥም ጭብጥ ድጋፍ ያገኛሉ ፣ እናም በአሰሳ ተሞክሮዎ ላይ ሙሉ በሙሉ አዲስ ውበት ይሰጣል።

Add-on and Extension support is elevated to the next level thanks to the presence of a dedicated web store. The best part is that you can also install Chrome extensions as the engine is the same.



All in all, Microsoft has made some great decisions here and I can confidently say that the new Edge is a browser that I would actually recommend. Now, keep in mind, the browser still needs some finishing touches, but this time, they will be a few monior fixes as compared to the radical fixes that were needed on the previous versions of Edge and በይነመረብ አሳሽ

አዲሱን የ Edge አሳሽ ለመሞከር ከፈለጉ ፣ ጠቅ በማድረግ በዊንዶውስ 10 ስርዓትዎ ላይ መጫን ይችላሉ ይህን አገናኝ.

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