ሶኒ መካከለኛው ምስራቅ እና አፍሪካ ዛሬ እ.ኤ.አ. በ 2013 አዲስ የ “VAIO” መስመር አቆጣጠር አዲሱን ተጨማሪዎች ጀምረዋል® Duo 13 and VAIO Pro 13/11. Designed to enrich lifestyles, the new slider PC – VAIO Duo 13, and ተንቀሳቃሽ – VAIO Pro 13/11 complete the summer 2013 VAIO line-up.

VAIO® Duo 13 እና VAIO® Pro 13/11 are embedded with Sony’s technical marvel in design, ዲጂታል imaging, sound technology and ግንኙነት, and provide an abundance of new personal computing experiences.

Kazutoyo Araki, Head of the IT Marketing Division, Sony Middle East and Africa FZE, said: “Our goal with these innovative models is to provide a fresh perspective on PCs. We have achieved this through various factors including creative design and Sony’s unparalleled visual and audio technologies. Our main aim is to introduce devices into the market that portray the ideal balance between work and play. An example of this is the VAIO® Duo 13’s convenient design where consumers can use the slate mode either for presentations or playing music, and the keyboard mode for easy editing of documents.”  

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VAIO Pro 13/11

VAIO® Pro 13 is the lightest touch capable Ultrabook™ in its respective መደብ. By using carbon fiber throughout the case, the touch ነቅቷል VAIO® ፕሮ 11 በግምት 0.770 ኪ.ግ ቀላል ክብደትን ያገኛል ፣ ንካ ደግሞ VAIO ን ነቅቷል® ፕሮ 13 ክብደቱ ወደ 1.060 ኪ.ግ.

13 ሴሜመር_ቪአይኦሮሮ_13_group01_BS

መዋቅራዊ ዘላቂነት

VAIO® የ 13 11 / XNUMXs የአንድ አቅጣጫ የካርቦን ፋይበር አካል እና የሄክ-shellል ዲዛይን ለተንቀሳቃሽ ስልክ ኮምፒተር የሚያስፈልገውን ተጨማሪ ጥንካሬ ይሰጣል ፡፡

ምቹ የቁልፍ ሰሌዳ

VAIO® Pro 13/11 also ባህሪ ሰፊ ቁልፍ ግጥም and stroke to allow for an extremely natural typing experience. Additionally, VAIO® Pro 13/11 በመተየብ ጊዜ ያልተመረጠ ምቾት እንዲኖር የሚፈቅድ ልዩ የዘንባባ እረፍት ይጠቀማል ፡፡

ሥዕል እና የድምፅ ግልጽነት

ትሪሞኒኖስ® አሳይ for mobile allows users access to a wide ቤተ-ስዕል of rich natural colours thanks to Sony’s BRAVIA expertise. Combine this with a full HD display and Sony’s super resolution technology, X-Reality™ for mobile, and users are in for a treat. X-Reality™ for mobile analyses each image and reproduces lacking pixels to optimize quality for the sharpest videos.

These technologies fuse with the audio enhancing ClearAudio+ mode to offer an audio-visual experience that cannot be easily replicated. ClearAudio+ mode was developed with Sony’s የግል signal processing technologies and makes it easy to enjoy Sony’s recommended sound.


VAIO Duo 13

VAIO® ዱኦ 13 ለየት ያለ ቅፅ እንዲሁም ትክክለኛ እና ጥቃቅን የብዕር መፍትሄዎችን የሚያቀርብ ተንሸራታች ዲቃላ Ultrabook ™ ነው። VAIO® Duo 13’s unique Surf Slider™ design allows for a smooth transition between slate and keyboard modes. Sliding the ስክሪን back while in slate mode reveals a keyboard and a touch pad and returning it to its original ቦታ puts the VAIO® የንክኪ እና እስክሪብቶ ማቀናበሪያን በመምረጥ ፣ Duo 13 ወደ መከለያ ሁኔታ ይመለሱ። መከለያው ሁኔታ ተጠቃሚዎች በቀላሉ VAIO ን እንዲሠሩ ያስችላቸዋል® የቁልፍ ሰሌዳው ሁኔታ መደበኛውን የኮምፒተር አጠቃቀምን በሚገባ የሚያስተናግድ ቢሆንም ዱo 13 ን በመንካት ወይም በዲጂታል መለዋወጫ በመጠቀም። የቁልፍ ሰሌዳ ሞድ ውጤታማነት ጋር ተጣምሮ የመለጠጥ ሁኔታ ምቾት በጣም በሰፊው የተሻሻለ የፒሲ ተሞክሮ ይፈጥራል። ከብዙ ጥቅሞች በተጨማሪ ፣ VAIO® Duo 13 በእንቅልፍ ጊዜ እንኳን ሳይቀር የሚሰራ ሲሆን ረጅም ጊዜ የሚቆይ የባትሪ ዕድሜንም ይሰጣል።

13 ሳምሰንግ_ቪአይደስትዮ_13_ የፊት እና የኋላ_ስታ ገጽ ማሳያ_W

የተቀናጀ የ Sony ቴክኖሎጂ

VAIO® Duo 13’s innovative standby technology offers several advantages. For ሥልጣን, VAIO® Duo 13’s constant connection to the የበይነመረብ, even while in sleep mode, gives it the ability to continue updating applications and receiving emails when on sleep mode. What’s more, VAIO® Duo 13 ከአንድ ሰከንድ ባነሰ ጊዜ ከእንቅልፍ ሁኔታ የመነሳት ችሎታ ፒሲው እንደገና እስኪጀመር ድረስ የመጠበቅ አስፈላጊነትን ያስወግዳል።

የሆነ ሆኖ የዚህ ቴክኖሎጂ እጅግ አስገራሚ ክፍል ቪአይኦ ነው® Duo 13 በባትሪ ዕድሜ ላይ ሳይካተት እነዚህን ጥቅሞች የማቅረብ ችሎታ አለው ፡፡ በእውነቱ, VAIO® Duo 13 ከማንኛውም Ultrabook ™ ጋር ሲነፃፀር ረጅሙ የባትሪ ዕድሜ አለው።

ካሜራ እና ብዕር መፍትሄዎች

VAIO® Duo 13’s 8-megapixel built-in rear camera featuring the “Exmor RS for PC” image sensor has made it possible, for the first time, to take images of documents clear enough for the ኮምፕዩተር to recognize and tag text. This ability, combined with the ‘CamScanner’ መተግበሪያ, allows the VAIO® Duo 13 to be used as a ስካነር for snapping, tagging and saving pictures of documents with ease. “CamScanner” also has the ability to straighten images of documents and photos taken at odd angles, allowing individuals to ትኩረት on shooting photos of important material instead of lining up the perfect shot.

VAIO® Duo 13’s OptiContrast™ ፓነል allows for a more accurate and natural writing experience when using the digitizer stylus. The digitizer stylus enables users to take notes in the memo taking application, “ማስታወሻ Anytime for VAIO” or create their own works in “Active Clip” using pictures stored on their PC.

የማይነፃፀር ስዕል እና የድምፅ ግልጽነት

ትሪሞኒኖስ® ማሳያ ለሞኒ ብራቫቪያ ዕውቀት ምስጋና ለሞባይል ማሳያ ብዙ የበለጸጉ የተፈጥሮ ቀለሞች ሰፊ ቤተ-ስዕል ያቀርባል። ይህ ቴክኖሎጂ የተለያዩ ሬሾዎች ፣ ብሉች እና አረንጓዴዎች እንዲሁም እንደ ኢምሬትስ አረንጓዴ ያሉ ስውር ልዩነቶችን ለማሳየት ያስችለናል ፡፡ ለምሳሌ ፣ ትሪሊኖንሶስ® ለተንቀሳቃሽ ስልክ ማሳያ በሮዝ ወይም በሰማይ ውስጥ ያሉትን የብሉቱዝ ዓይነቶችን የመባዛት ችሎታ አለው።

TRILUMINOS ን ያጣምሩ® Display for mobile with a full HD display and Sony’s super-resolution technology, X-Reality™ for mobile, and users are in for a treat. X-Reality™ for mobile analyses each image and reproduces lacking pixels to optimize quality for the sharpest videos. It analyses elements depending on the scene and adjusts them based on pattern, outline, and color composition. It also strengthens subtle patterns and accurately portrays a detailed feel, while reinforcing bold outlines. Additionally, the technology enhances color composition, vividly reproducing hard-to-display natural colors.

እነዚህ የማሳያ ቴክኖሎጂዎች በቀላሉ በድምጽ ሊገለበጥ የማይችል የኦዲዮ-ቪዥዋል ተሞክሮ ለማቅረብ ከድምፅ ማጎልበቻ የ ClearAudio + ሁኔታ ጋር ይጣጣማሉ ፡፡ በ Sony የራሱ የምልክት ማቀነባበሪያ ቴክኖሎጂዎች የተገነባው የ ClearAudio + ሁኔታ ተጠቃሚዎች ልዩ በሆነ የ Sony ጥራት ባለው የድምፅ ጥራት እንዲደሰቱ ያስችላቸዋል ፡፡ የ ClearAudio + ሁነታን በማግበር አንድ ሰው በላቀ ግልጽነት እና ተገኝነት በ Sony የተመከረውን ድምጽ መደሰት ይችላል።

One-Touch Functions

With One-touch listening, included in all of the summer 2013 VAIO models, users can seamlessly transfer music playing on their VAIO to a wide variety of NFC (Near መስክ Communication) compatible devices and continue enjoying the song right where they left ጠፍቷል.


አዲሱ VAIO® Duo 13 እና VAIO® ፕሮ 13/11 እ.ኤ.አ. እስከ ሰኔ መጨረሻ ድረስ በዩ.ኤስ.ዲ. ሆኖም ፣ Ultrabooks reta እስከ 26 ሰኔ ድረስ በተመረጡ የኤሌክትሮኒክስ ቸርቻሪዎች ቅድመ-ቀጠሮ ሊይዝ ይችላል ፡፡

ገና ምንም ድምጾች የሉም።
እባክዎ ይጠብቁ ...