Motorola Ed + Flagship 5G መሳሪያ በ UAE ውስጥ ተጀመረ

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 Motorola Edge+, the latest flagship መሣሪያ from the Motorola stable has now officially arrived in the United Arab Emirates.


The Motorola Edge+ was built for speed, power, and the ultimate 5G performance. Featuring the most advanced chipset on the market, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 ተንቀሳቃሽ መድረክ provides the fastest performance, 25% faster than previous generations, and nearly instant responsiveness for browsing, watching videos, or playing games. 12 GB of Micron DDR5 አእምሮ keeps your device running smoothly with 30% increased max የመተላለፊያ and lower battery drain, to enhance the experiences ነቅቷል by 5G.


Motorola Ed + Flagship 5G መሳሪያ በ UAE ውስጥ ተጀመረ


The refined camera system in the Motorola Edge+ gets as ገጠመ to professional DSLR photo and video quality as possible. The 108 MP sensor main camera is the highest resolution ever included in a smartphone and with Quad ፒክሰል technology, this sensor has 4x the light sensitivity to capture incredibly clear and crisp photos in all lighting conditions. The camera also allows users to መዝገብ in 6K for incredible high-res videos and the industry’s most advanced video stabilization compensates for motion blur, changing ትኩረት, and crooked horizons, and even combines OIS and EIS for better low light video quality.

The Endless Edge ማሳያ isn’t just beautiful, it’s functional too. The curved ስክሪን and narrow width on the Motorola Edge+ provide the optimal proportions for one-handed use and navigation, making it easy to reach across the device without fumbling. Perfect for entertainment, the cinematic 21:9 screen ratio is the default aspect for major films and tv shows. The display is capable of showing a billion shades of color and offers incredibly ተለዋዋጭ picture quality with HDR10+.

ጠርዝ ንክኪየአዲሱ አካል ነው የእኔ UX suite of software features, allows you to customize new ways to interact with your device. Just swipe up or ወደታች on the edge to ጎትት down notifications or switch apps. The display edges also come in handy when your phone isn’t in your hand, lighting up to show battery charging status, incoming calls, alarms, and notifications from across the room.

Motorola edge+ has the loudest, most powerful stereo speakers in a smartphone ever, plus precision tuning for professional-quality sonic performance and deeper, fuller sound. The audio tuning technology comes is provided by Waves, recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award, to make your music, videos, and phone calls sound louder and clearer than ever.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The Motorola Edge+ packs a 5000 mAh battery, the largest battery of any 5G phone on the market to last users two full days of use in order to enhance the top tier performance of 5G power. For added convenience, Motorola Edge+ features TurboPower wired charging and wireless charging, and also allows users to share power with other devices in a snap with wireless power-sharing.

To bringing intuitive software experiences to consumers, Motorola has also introduced My UX, allowing users to customize their experience to be even more intuitive and personal, so it works the way they want. From turning on the flashlight with a simple chop gesture to launching the camera with the twist of a wrist and with the Motorola Edge+, in addition to the new edge display interactions, My UX enables users to take music, videos, and games to the next level with custom settings and advanced controls.

የዋጋ አሰጣጥ እና ተገኝነት

በተባበሩት አረብ ኤሜሬትስ ውስጥ ሞቶሮላ ጠርዝ + በ AED 3999 (ተ.እ.ታ ጨምሮ) ዋጋ የሚቀርብ ሲሆን በኢቲሳላት ፣ ዱ ፣ ቨርጂን ሜጋስተር እና ቀትር ዶት ኮም ይገኛል ፡፡

In addition, customers can avail of Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) for a price of only 99 AED by calling the customer toll-free number 800 – 4028.


ደረጃ መስጠት: 5.00/ 5. ከ 1 ድምጽ.
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