Lucky Patcher APK ለማውረድ እና እንዴት እንደሚጠቀሙበት።

Lucky Patcher APK ለማውረድ እና እንዴት እንደሚጠቀሙበት።


ዕድለኛ ፓቸር ኤፒኬ

is an  APK Android app that allows you to block advertisements, remove system apps, modify system apps, bypass license verification

The Android app store, also known as the Play Store is home to the largest repository of apps in the market today. The app development market has been booming for the last few years now, and with the added incentive of monetization, everyone wants a piece of the action these days and this is only good for Android users as they are spoilt for choice. There is a popular saying that no matter what you want to do, there is an app for it. However, not all the apps on the Play Store are free to download, and even when they are free, there may be some internal features that may be unlocked only if you make a transaction.

እነዚህም እንዲሁ የማይክሮ ልውውጥ በመባል ይታወቃሉ እና በሁለት መንገዶች ሊቀበሉ ይችላሉ -

  1. በመተግበሪያው ወይም በጨዋታው ውስጥ በሚያገ pointsቸው ነጥቦች ወይም ምልክቶች።
  2. ለባህሪያቶች እውነተኛ ገንዘብ በመክፈል።

Now, we have been in situations where we downloaded free apps from the Play Store, and on opening, we found that half the features could only be used after making a payment. Now, one thing that you must understand is that developers who make free apps, also seek some form of livelihood, which is why they insert these microtransactions in order to earn a little extra on their product, but there are also some developers who are just greedy and they riddle the whole app with microtransactions while the app itself is kept free. This can be very frustrating as the app may be exactly what you need, but not everyone is savvy about microtransactions, especially in a world where online fraud is slowly gaining traction.

Ideally, we would not recommend hacking through the microtransaction system as it potentially takes away earnings from the developers, but if you are at a point where the microtransactions are not to your liking, then luckily, there is an exploit that you can use to bypass the system and unlock those features that have been placed behind the paywall.

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The exploit we are talking about is called Lucky Patcher, and it allows Android smartphone users to bypass all the microtransactions within the app so that you can enjoy all the features of the app without having to spend that hard-earned money on those mini-features or in-app resources. The Lucky Patcher app is available for Android and is predominantly used by smartphone gamers all over the world, who just want to enjoy a seamless mobile gaming experience, without the ads and constant prompts to make a purchase.

Lucky Patcher APK ለማውረድ እና እንዴት እንደሚጠቀሙበት።

One of the requirements for your Android smartphone to run the Lucky Patcher app is that your device must be rooted, and if you don’t know how to get that done, there are plenty of communities, especially on the XDA forums that can guide you step by step as to how you can get it done. Mind you, there are pros and cons to rooting your Android smartphone, but what makes the Lucky Patcher app so cool, is the fact that even if you decide not to root your Android smartphone, there are still some features that you can use on the Lucky Patcher platform, but for the full suite of functionalities, it is recommended to have your Android smartphone rooted.

Apart from modifying the app, you can also remove ads from your installed applications & games and enjoy them without any interruptions. This tool works well on rooted devices having an Android version of 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and above. It occupies very little memory and comes with a size of 6.5 MB. The best part of the app is that it is available in multiple languages. There are premium versions of many applications and you can enjoy all of these for free using Lucky Patcher. Google detects Lucky Patcher as a virus but it is not a malicious application. Though it is a modding tool, it is very much safe for any device.

የ Lucky Patcher መተግበሪያን አንዳንድ የተለዩ ባህሪያትን እንመልከት።

ዕድለኛ ፓቸር አውርድ

You are about to download Lucky Patcher from here. Lucky Patcher is free and safe to download. If the installation is blocked, try again disabling Play Protect. The download links are from the third-party website cant verify the credibility of the files.

ለውስጠ-መተግበሪያ ማስታወቂያዎች ደህና ሁን

One of the most annoying things you experience when you use apps is ads. Developers insert ads in order to earn a small commission, but when you have ads appearing randomly, especially when you are in good momentum in a game, can lead to a lot of irritation, and sometimes, users may even delete the ad, just because of these ads. However, if you have Lucky Patcher on your Android smartphone, then in just a few clicks, you can completely get rid of the in-app ads and enjoy a seamless gaming or app experience on your Android smartphone.

Lucky Patcher APK ለማውረድ እና እንዴት እንደሚጠቀሙበት።
ያልተገደበ ሳንቲሞች ፣ እንቁዎች ወይም ሌሎች የውስጠ-ጨዋታ ሽልማቶች መዳረሻ ያግኙ

Many games on Android, feature a reward system where people can earn coins or gems, that allows the players to proceed in the game or unlock levels or characters. If you use the Lucky Patcher app, however, you can get access to unlimited gems or in-game currency, as well as unlock characters, levels, and other perks that are available behind a paywall on the app. We absolutely loved this feature and if you love gaming on your smartphone, you will like this too.

Lucky Patcher APK ለማውረድ እና እንዴት እንደሚጠቀሙበት።
የሚከፈልባቸው መተግበሪያዎችን በነጻ ያግኙ

If you are someone who does not endorse paying for apps (Which is wrong, by the way, as developers deserve to get their efforts paid), then you would have heard of the process of side-loading apps. This is where you download APK files of the paid apps and then manually install them into your smartphone. However, this method has problems as the app may not install due to problems with licensing.

Lucky Patcher APK ለማውረድ እና እንዴት እንደሚጠቀሙበት።

Lucky Patcher allows you to successfully install paid apps for free on your android smartphone as it comes with its own sets of patches that can bypass the verification process of almost any application.

ማንኛውንም መተግበሪያ ወደ የስርዓት መተግበሪያ ይለውጡ

ይህ ሁልጊዜ የማይጠቀሙበት ባህሪ ነው ፣ ግን በእውነቱ አሪፍ ነው። የቃላት ፍቺውን ለማያውቁት ፣ የሥርዓት መተግበሪያ በ Android ስማርትፎንዎ ውስጥ የተገነባ እና ከመሣሪያዎ በትክክል መሰረዝ የማይቻል ነው። እርስዎ ባለቤት የሆነ መተግበሪያ ካለ እና ወደ የስርዓት መተግበሪያ መለወጥ ከፈለጉ ፣ ከዚያ ዕድለኛ ፓቼር መተግበሪያ ጓደኛዎ ነው።

Lucky Patcher APK ለማውረድ እና እንዴት እንደሚጠቀሙበት።

እውነቱን ለመናገር ፣ ይህንን ባህሪ በማየታችን በጣም ተገርመን ነበር ፣ ግን በእውነቱ በጨዋታ ላይ ሞክረነው እና ሰርቷል።

መተግበሪያዎችን ከስርዓት ማህደረ ትውስታ ወደ ውጫዊ ማህደረ ትውስታ ያንቀሳቅሱ

One of the features in most Android smartphones is the ability to increase the device storage space using a MicroSD card. If you ever face a situation where the onboard storage is running out, you can use the Lucky Patcher app to transfer some of the bigger apps on your smartphone onto your external memory.

የውስጠ-መተግበሪያ ግዢዎች ነፃ ተደርገዋል

One of the standout and hyped features of the Lucky Pacher app is one where it simply converts all in-app purchases to free transactions. So, if there is a feature that is locked or a character you want to unlock but a paywall stands in your way, you can break it all down using the Lucky Patcher app. By far, this is the feature that has been used the most by users worldwide.

ወሳኝ ፋይሎችን በቀላል ምትኬ ያስቀምጡ

You can easily backup your important files using Lucky Patcher. Its ‘take backup feature’ lets you save the backup of the app in the external file. This can then be imported to the cloud or to your PC. Later on, you can easily retrieve the data from the saved locations.

ደህና ፣ ስለዚህ አሁን ዕድለኛ ፓቸር መተግበሪያውን እና የተለያዩ ባህሪያቱን ስላለፍን ለመሣሪያዎ ስለማግኘት እንነጋገር። በማንኛውም ጊዜ ሊጭኑት የሚፈልጉት መተግበሪያ ወይም ሊጭኑት በሚፈልጓቸው ሶፍትዌሮች ፣ በስማርትፎን ወይም በኮምፕዩተር ላይ ይሁን ፣ መሣሪያዎ በትክክል ለማሄድ ማሟላት ያለበት ዝቅተኛ ዝርዝር ዝርዝር አለ።

በ Lucky Patcher መተግበሪያ ሁኔታ ውስጥ ፣ አነስተኛ ዝርዝሮች እዚህ አሉ።

አነስተኛ ዝርዝሮች
  • እሱ የማሻሻያ መሣሪያ ስለሆነ መሣሪያውን ከመጫንዎ በፊት የ android መሣሪያ ስር እንዲሰድ ይፈልጋል።
  • 2.3.3 (ዝንጅብል) እና ከዚያ በላይ በሆነ የ Android ስሪት በስማርትፎኖች ላይ ይሰራል። እንዲሁም ከዊንዶውስ 7,8 እና 10 ጋር ተኳሃኝ ነው
  • It requires RAM of at least 2GB to function properly
  • የ 10 ጊባ ነፃ የውስጥ ማከማቻ በጥሩ ሁኔታ እንዲሠራ በመተግበሪያው ያስፈልጋል

በተጨማሪም ፣ ይህ መተግበሪያ ከእርስዎ የ Android መሣሪያ የተወሰነ ፈቃድ ይፈልጋል። እነዚህም የሚከተሉት ናቸው -

  • በሌሎች መተግበሪያዎች ላይ ለመሳል እና የስርዓት ቅንብሮችን ለመቀየር ፈቃድ
  • የማህደረ ትውስታ ካርዱን ይዘቶች ለማንበብ ፈቃድ
  • የ SD ካርዱን ይዘቶች ለመቀየር ወይም ለመሰረዝ ፈቃድ
  • ወደ ግምታዊ ሥፍራ ፈቃድ

የእርስዎ የ Android ስማርትፎን ከላይ ያሉትን ዝቅተኛ መመዘኛዎች የሚያረካ ከሆነ ፣ አሁን ዕድለኛ ፓቼር መተግበሪያውን በላዩ ላይ ለመጫን ዝግጁ ነዎት። ደረጃ በደረጃ እንቀጥል።

የመጫን ደረጃዎች

1 ደረጃ. በእርስዎ Android ስማርትፎን ላይ ዕድለኛ ፓቼር የኤፒኬ ፋይልን ያውርዱ።

Quick tip – Before you download an app, make sure you have enabled unknown sources from the developer settings on your Android device.

2 ደረጃ. Navigate to the downloaded APK file using your built-in or third-party file manager app. Usually, it is saved in the Downloads folder, but if it is not, then make sure you are aware of where the browser stores the downloads.

3 ደረጃ. After locating the Lucky Patcher apk installer file, open it and click on ‘Install’. Soon, you’ll find that the installation has begun. Once, Lucky Patcher installer is installed in your Android phone, open it and give all required permissions.

4 ደረጃ. You may get an alert from Google Play Protect that the app is unsafe. This is usually because the Lucky Patcher app is an exploit and appears like a potentially harmful application. You can simply click on the detail drop down and tap the ‘install anyway’ option.

ዕድለኛ ፓቸርን በመጠቀም ነፃ የውስጠ-መተግበሪያ ግዢዎችን ያከናውኑ

Once the Lucky Patcher app has been installed on your Android smartphone, the next thing you want to do is enable it’s awesome features. This is how you can get it done –

1 ደረጃ: Open Lucky Patcher in your rooted device and go to the toolbox. You may find toolbox option towards the bottom of the screen. On the toolbox menu and then tap the ‘patch to android'አማራጭ.

Lucky Patcher APK ለማውረድ እና እንዴት እንደሚጠቀሙበት።

2 ደረጃ: በመቀጠል ሁሉንም የታዩ ንጣፎችን ይምረጡ እና ከዚያ የስር ስርዓቱ እንዲጠናቀቅ እና መሣሪያው እንደገና እስኪነሳ ድረስ የተወሰነ ጊዜ ይጠብቁ።

Lucky Patcher APK ለማውረድ እና እንዴት እንደሚጠቀሙበት።

3 ደረጃ: Now, close the Lucky Patcher app and leave it in the background. Next, go to the app or game that you wish to MOD.

4 ደረጃ: Browse to the shopping menu. Look for the in-app purchase that you wish to make and tap on it. Next, tap on the button that allows you to make the purchase.

5 ደረጃ: Soon after clicking on the buy option, you’ll find Lucky Patcher’s window. Here you’ll see a pop-up message that reads ‘Do you want to get this item for free?’. Tap on the Yes option.

Lucky Patcher APK ለማውረድ እና እንዴት እንደሚጠቀሙበት።

በ Play መደብር ውስጥ ብዙ አስገራሚ መተግበሪያዎች አሉ ፣ እና አብዛኛዎቹ ክፍያ እስካልፈጸሙ ድረስ ተጠቃሚዎቻቸውን ሁሉንም ባህሪዎች እንዳይጠቀሙ ይገድባሉ። አሁን ፣ ገንቢዎቹ ለሚያደርጉት ጥረት መከፈል እንደሚገባቸው ሙሉ በሙሉ ለመረዳት የሚቻል ነው ፣ ግን ለአነስተኛ ባህሪዎች ወይም ለጨዋታ ጨዋታ ምንዛሬ እንኳን መክፈል ተገቢ የማይሆንበት አንድ ነጥብ ይመጣል። ዕድለኛ ፓቼር መተግበሪያው የክፍያውን ግድግዳ እንዲያልፍ እና መተግበሪያው ወይም ጨዋታው የሚያቀርባቸውን ሁሉንም አስደናቂ ባህሪዎች በእውነት እንዲከፍቱ የሚያስችልዎ እንደ ትንሽ ትንሽ ብዝበዛ ሆኖ የሚያገለግልበት ነው።

እባክዎን ይህ ለሙከራ ዓላማዎች መጠቀም አለብዎት ወይም ለእያንዳንዱ ትንሽ ባህሪ ያለማቋረጥ የሚከፍልዎት መተግበሪያ ካለ ያስታውሱ።

ይህን መተግበሪያ ሥር ባልተሠራ መሣሪያ ላይ ለመጠቀም ካሰቡ እባክዎን በጥንቃቄ ይቀጥሉ። ይህ መተግበሪያ ስር ከተሰራ መሣሪያ ጋር አብሮ ለመስራት እና ስር ባልተሠራ መሣሪያ ላይ መሥራቱ ዋጋ ቢስ ሊያደርገው ስለሚችል ጊዜ ማባከን ብቻ ያስከትላል።

በመጨረሻም ፣ ብዙ ጊዜ ፣ ​​ምናብ እና ገንዘብ እነዚያን መተግበሪያዎች ለማዘጋጀት እና ለመስራት ስለሚገቡ የሚወዷቸውን መተግበሪያዎች በማዘጋጀት ገንቢዎች የሠሩትን ሥራ ያክብሩ ለማለት እንወዳለን።



ደረጃ መስጠት: 5.00/ 5. ከ 1 ድምጽ.
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