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LG Electronics (LG) unveiled the company’s latest OLED TV line-up at its MEA regional launch ድርጊት held this evening at the Madinat Jumeirah resort in Dubai. The event included a presentation detailing LG’s rise to the top of the global OLED industry and how the company intends to use its edge in technology to build on its leading ቦታ by መስዋዕት its customers the absolute best in innovation, technology and design. Guests were also able to ሰማ video endorsements from Former Director of MBC Action, Iyad Qassem and live endorsements from OLED VIP consumers from the MEA region.


የክልል ዝግጅቱ ሚስተር ኬቨን ቻ ፕሬዝዳንት መካከለኛው ምስራቅ እና አፍሪካ ክልል እና ሚስተር ሂዩንግ ኤስ ፓርክ የተስተናገደው የቤት መዝናኛ ኩባንያ የሽያጭ እና ግብይት ቡድን መሪ ፣ ኤል ኤል ኤሌክትሮኒክስ ናቸው ፡፡ በተጨማሪም የኤል.ኤል. አጋሮች እና የ 36 OLED ቪአይፒ ተጠቃሚዎች ከመካከለኛው ምስራቅ እና ከአፍሪካ ክልል የተውጣጡ የኤል.ኤል.ኤል.ኤል. ቴሌቪዥን የቴሌቪዥን መስመር መጀመሩን ለማክበር ተሳትፈዋል ፡፡

The new LG OLED TV delivers perfect black and colors with an infinite contrast ratio as well as wider viewing angles thanks to its self-lighting pixels. Not only is LG the global leader in advanced OLED technology, but the company has also succeeded in creating an absolutely stunning and stylish curved design for its televisions which will compliment any home.


“The MEA region is a diverse and growing market, and LG sees huge potential here for OLED technology. At LG, we intend to create a new market here for the next step in the evolution of TV. As part of our ongoing commitment to giving users the best viewing experience possible, we are proud to continue leading the way in the next ትዉልድ of home entertainment through our OLED TV’s” said Mr. Kevin Cha, President, Middle East & Africa Region, LG Electronics.


እነዚህ አዳዲስ የኤል.ዲ. ማሳያ ማሳያዎች የኤል.ጄ.ድ የ R & D ቡድን ግንዛቤን በማካተት ከተወዳዳሪ ኤል.ሲ.ዲ ቴሌቪዥኖች በ 85% ቀጭን ፣ 20% ጠባብ እና 26% ቀለል ያሉ ናቸው ፡፡


እንዴት ያመጣል ፍጹም ጥቁር ፍጹም ቀለምን ይፈጥራል?

We have all noticed that stars shine brighter on darker nights, with their light appearing more vivid and brilliant against a perfect black backdrop. LG’s OLED TV’s perfect blacks, which no other ማሳያ can match, creates the same effect, giving the ስክሪን an infinite contrast ratio. The screen delivers the deepest blacks and richest colors; providing a greater sense of depth, realism and giving viewers an unrivaled cinematic experience. LG’s OLED TV’s can even perfectly reproduce something as minute as a single strand of hair on a perfect black background.

ፕሪሚየም ዲዛይን ፒ. ን ይፈጥራልስህተት Eልምድ

Though they differ in screen size and stand design, all three models (77EG9700, 65EG9600 and 55EG9600) boast stylish, striking profiles and measure just 0.24-inches at their thinnest points. Going beyond mere aesthetics, the curved design is functional, as it ensures that the consumer’s eyes are equally distant from each part of the screen. The OLED TV is also able to maintain consistent picture quality from any viewing angle, allowing viewers to enjoy every moment of their favorite show, film or game.

ከ Harmon / Kardon ጋር ጥሩ የድምፅ ጥራት

The 77-inch, 65-inch and 55-inch models all ባህሪ an Infinite Contrast ratio, 4K ULTRA HD (resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels), Tru-4K Engine Pro, webOS, 4K 3D+ ULTRA HD and a HEVC Decoder. Completing the viewing experience, the TV’s ULTRA Surround and smart sound mode is a product of LG’s partnership with Harmon/Kardon, ensuring that the consumer is immersed in a rich and high-quality audio experience that perfectly matches the TV’s visual performance.

WRGB (ነጭ-ቀይ-አረንጓዴ-ሰማያዊ) OLED ቴክኖሎጂ

የላቀ 33 ሚሊዮን ንዑስ ፒክሰሎችን በመኮረጅ የላቀ ማሳያ እጅግ በጣም ውስን የሆነ የንፅፅር ጥምርትን እና በተፈጥሮ ውስጥ ካሉ በግልጽ የማይታዩ ፍጹም የሆኑ ፍጹም ቀለሞች ያስገኛል ፡፡ የስክሪኑ ራስ-መብራት ፒክስሎች ፍጹም ጥቁር እና ፍጹም የቀለም አተረጓጎም ይሰጣል ፣ እንዲሁም ከ LCD ፓነሎች በ 1000 እጥፍ የሚበልጥ የምላሽ ፍጥነት ይሰጣል ፣ ይህም የእንቅስቃሴ ብዥታትን ያስወግዳል።

0707_LG OLED Informationgraphic_EN

ቁልፍ Specifications for 77 EG 9700:

  • የማያ መጠን: 77-ኢንች
  • LG WRGB OLED ቴክኖሎጂ
  • ወሰን የሌለው ንፅፅር
  • 4 ኬ ቴክኖሎጂ
  • Tru-4 ኪ ሞተር ፕሮ
  • የ HEVC ዲኮደር
  • 4 ኬ 3 ል + ቴክኖሎጂ ከሲኒማ 3D ብርጭቆዎች
  • ከ 2 ዲ ወደ 3 ል ልወጣ
  • የተጠማዘዘ ማያ ገጽ።
  • Art Slim design measuring just 0.24-inches at thinnest ነጥብ
  • Smart TV designed around LG webOS መድረክ
  • ጥንቆላ ሩቅ
  • ባለ 4-ዋት የኃይል ውፅዓት ባለ 70-ቻናል ተናጋሪ ስርዓት
  • አብሮገነብ ካሜራ
  • Full web አሳሽ

ለ 65/55 EG 9600 ቁልፍ ዝርዝሮች: -

  • የማያ ገጽ መጠን 65 ኢንች ፣ 55 ኢንች
  • 3840 x 2160 ጥራት
  • LG WRGB OLED (4 ቀለም ፒክስሎች) ቴክኖሎጂ
  • የቀለም ማጣሪያ
  • 33 ሚሊዮን ንዑስ-ፒክሰሎች
  • ወሰን የሌለው ንፅፅር
  • 4 ኬ HEVC ዲኮደር
  • 4 ኬዝ አነቃቂ
  • Self-Light ፒክሰል
  • የተጠማዘዘ ማያ ገጽ።
  • በጣም ቀጭኑ ነጥብ ላይ 0.24-ኢንች ብቻ የሚለካ የጥበብ ቀጭን ንድፍ
  • ተንሳፋፊ ማቆሚያ
  • በ LG ድርOS2.0 መድረክ ዙሪያ ስማርት ቲቪ
  • አስማት የርቀት መቆጣጠሪያ
  • ሃርማን / ካርዶን
  • 0 Ch ፣ 20W / 60W አፈጉባኤ ስርዓት
  • SmartShare ™ (WiDi ፣ Miracast, MHL 2.0)
  • ኤችዲኤምአይ x 3 / ዩኤስቢ x 3
ደረጃ መስጠት: 4.00/ 5. ከ 1 ድምጽ.
እባክዎ ይጠብቁ ...