It looks like the smartphone brands are now going full steam ahead in the gaming department as one of the leaders in the global smartphone market, Lenovo has introduced their new 5G phone for gaming, the Legion phone duel.

የጨዋታ ንዑስ-ምርታችን ከተከመረ ከሦስት ዓመት በኋላ ላኖ theይ እ.ኤ.አ. Lenovo Legion ስልክ Duelለተሻለ ሽፋን እና ለተሞክሮ ፍጥነቶች እስከ 6 Gb / s ድረስ - ኃይለኛ ፣ ጠላቂ ፣ እና በፍጥነት በሚሞላ ዘመናዊ ስልክ ከስልክ 5 2.52G ጋር። በሂደት ላይ ላሉ ተጫዋቾች ከፍተኛ አፈፃፀም ላላቸው እና ሙሉ ለሙሉ በ ውስጥ መጫወትን ምቾት እና ምቾት ለሚመርጡ ተጫዋቾች የተፈጠረ ነው አግድም ሁኔታ.


የ Legion Phone Duel ን ማስተዋወቅ - የኖኖvoን 5 ጂ ሞባይል ለጨዋታዎች


ከሚመርጡት ስድስት ልዩ ብጁ አቀማመጥ ገጽታዎች እያንዳንዳቸው ልዩ የንድፍ ዝርዝሮች ፣ ቀለሞች እና ከአጫዋቾች ጋር የሚዛመዱ አዶዎች በጨዋታ ሴንቲሜትር የመሬት ገጽታ ሁኔታ መቆየት ወይም ወደ ስዕላዊ ሁኔታ መለወጥ ይችላሉ።

Designed from the ground up for gamers, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel plays like a ተንቀሳቃሽ gaming console with impressive virtual tools, gaming capabilities, and an optimized battery lasting up to a full day of average phone usage, while the virtual joystick and dual ultrasonic trigger buttons are embedded, and ባለሁለት ንዝረት ሞተሮች ለ ጥልቅ የጨዋታ አጨዋወት ጥልቀት ሕይወት-የሚመስል ግብረመልስ ይስጡ

Lenovo is amongst the first to ባህሪ the next-level, flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G Mobile መድረክ that delivers revved-up performance across the board for incredibly-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming, plus global 5G support. For enhanced power efficiency, get advanced 5th gen አእምሮ chips, up to 16GB LPDDR5 high capacity ራንደም አክሰስ ሜሞሪ or the optional 12GB ውቅር, and ample storage up to 512GB UFS 3.1.


የ Legion Phone Duel ን ማስተዋወቅ - የኖኖvoን 5 ጂ ሞባይል ለጨዋታዎች


Designed for blur-free animations via a 6.65-inch Full HD (2340 x 1080) AMOLED glass touchscreen ማሳያ with 144Hz refresh rate for videos and gaming images so colorful and sharp, you’ll experience your favorite mobile games in a new light.

Lenovo has put a lot of thought into the Legion phone, especially since they expect professional and casual gamers to spend hours on the መሣሪያ. One of the problems they have solved is that of overheating.

By inventing advanced methods to better dissipate heat with dual liquid-cooling and copper tubes, plus moving the dual 2500mAh batteries ጠፍቷል to the sides where gamers’ hands would rest (vs. forcing them to touch the warm logic board encasing the ማቀናበሪያ), Lenovo made the handset easier to hold while also extending gameplay without the fear of overheating.

A convenient center charging ወደብ means your cord won’t get in the way while catching a battery boost when gaming in landscape mode. Full 90 ዋ ቱቦ የኃይል ኃይል መሙያ ሁለቱንም ባትሪዎችን ለ 5000 ሜአህ ጠቅላላ ኃይል ለማብራት ሁለቱንም የኃይል መሙያ ገመዶች (ከመሃል እና ከጎን ወደቦች) ይወስዳል ፡፡ በ 50 ደቂቃዎች ውስጥ ብቻ ከዜሮ እስከ 10 በመቶ የሚሆነውን ኃይል ይሂዱ እና ሙሉ ኃይል መሙላት 30 ደቂቃዎችን ብቻ ይወስዳል።

Designed to offer gamers a better grip, the phone feels solid at 239 grams (8.43 ounces) and is 9.9 mm (0.38 in) at its thickest ነጥብ. Turn heads and show off your passion for gaming in a high-octane red or cool blue with programmable RGB lighting effects for Lenovo Legion’s recognizable “Y” አዶ and the back of its ብቅ ይላል- የራስ ፎቶ ካሜራ.

Just one use of the mobile broadcasting features will have YouTube and Twitch ሰርጥ streamers ditching their cumbersome home recording studios for good.

Capture general HD 1080p footage and መዝገብ in 4K at up to 30 FPS (frames per second) for remarkable clarity with a high-powered 20MP የፊት ካሜራ that stays tucked inside the bezel when not live streaming for a clean look, also features auto-retract drop protection. Plus, a high resolution 64MP የኋላ ካሜራ for 64MP resolution photos, which also has a quad ፒክስል sensor for shooting high-quality, 16MP resolution photos in dark and bright conditions.

With a multiple video lens, anyone can አስተናጋጅ a streaming channel. You can remove the background and use AI to auto-enhance your image via our selfie editor featuring several unique retouching filters and correction options for adding a sense of style.

With the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, as soon as a gamer ends a session, you can review all the gaming highlights on the fly via a preview ስክሪን, so all you need do is select, then merge recorded clips together if desired, before easily sharing with others.

And if you’ve just knocked out a tough enemy in a game but forgot to hit record— fear not, just use a finger to slide your right ultrasonic trigger ቁልፍ to the left to go back in time to relive hero moments and instantly reversely-record what just happened to share proof of your victory with battle mates, fans and friends.

Lenovo Legion ስልክ Duel (ተጠርቷል) Lenovo Legion Phone Pro in China) is expected to be available starting July in China and in select markets in the Asia Pacific, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), and Latin America to come later. Pricing, availability, and timing may vary per geographical market.

ደረጃ መስጠት: 5.00/ 5. ከ 1 ድምጽ.
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