Instagram and Facebook Introduce Music in the MENA Region


After a seemingly long wait, Facebook and Instagram, have finally announced the availability of the Music feature in the Middle East and North Africa regions.

People have always come to Facebook and Instagram to express themselves and be entertained, and we’re focused on bringing music into the ways people share, connect and express themselves. 



Music on Facebook and Instagram Stories 

Starting today, MENA users will be able to add a song to their photos and videos on their Stories, by following these easy steps:

  • Simply open the camera on the Facebook or Instagram app, or select a photo or video from your gallery, tap the Sticker icon and add the Music Sticker.
  • After choosing a song, you will be able to select which part of it you would like to highlight on your Story and add the artist’s name and track title. If the song has lyrics available, they will automatically pop up.
  • Tap through the icons to change the animation, text style and move the lyrics around, rotate or resize it like you would a normal Sticker.
Lyrics Sticker in Facebook and Instagram Stories
  • You can search from a library of songs and choose the one that best fits your mood. If the song has lyrics available, they will automatically pop up, and you can use the lyrics as a reference point to select the section of the song you’d like to include. Tap the lyrics to change the animation and text style and customize how you’d like.
Music Questions Sticker on Facebook and Instagram Stories
  • Your friends can respond to your Questions Sticker with a song from the music library – and you can then share your favorites to your Story. This is available for both Facebook and Instagram Stories.
Music on Your Facebook Profile
  • You can now add tracks to your Interests/Hobby section or pin a song to the top of your Facebook Profile. The song will be played when people visit your Profile and they can also visit the artist Page by clicking the track.
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