Apple has been pushing its media streaming services pretty hard for some time now, and their most popular መስዋዕት እስካሁን is Apple Music. For those of you who don’t know, Apple Music is Apple’s very የግል music streaming service, offering users the largest collection of music on the planet, along with exciting podcasts that you can follow and listen to at your own leisure.

Over the years, Apple Music has grown through the ranks and is now considered at par, or even better than the more well-known services like Amazon Music or Spotify, and the fact that the membership plans for Apple Music are very similar to that of Spotify, make it a very attractive proposition, especially for Apple users.

ከቅርብ ጊዜ ወዲህ አፕል ሙዚቃ የግጥም ሞድ ዝመናን አግኝቷል ፣ በዚህ ውስጥ የመዝሙሩ ግጥሞች ቃላቶቹን ማየት ይፈልጉ ይሆናል ፣ ወይም ምናልባት አብረው መዘመር ከፈለጉ ፡፡ እሱን ማብራት ቀላል ነው እናም በዚህ መማሪያ ውስጥ ያንን እንዴት ማድረግ እንደሚችሉ እናሳይዎታለን ፡፡

እንጀምር -

1 ደረጃ. ክፈት the Apple Music app on the iPhone.


በአፕል ሙዚቃ ላይ የዘፈን ግጥም እንዴት እንደሚታይ


2 ደረጃ. ያስሱ through the library and locate the song you want to play.


በአፕል ሙዚቃ ላይ የዘፈን ግጥም እንዴት እንደሚታይ


3 ደረጃ. On the play ስክሪን, tap on the lyrics ቁልፍ.


በአፕል ሙዚቃ ላይ የዘፈን ግጥም እንዴት እንደሚታይ


4 ደረጃ. አሁን ግጥሞቹ ሲታዩ ያዩና እየገሰገሰ ዘፈኑን ይከተላሉ ፡፡


በአፕል ሙዚቃ ላይ የዘፈን ግጥም እንዴት እንደሚታይ


Keep in mind, that while 90% of the songs on Apple Music have lyrics available, there are still a few that are being updated. So if you see the lyrics button greyed out for a particular song, then the reason may be that the lyrics are unavailable, or the author has not uploaded them yet. If you are an Apple user, the Apple Music app is preinstalled on all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Mac/Macbooks. You can get a one-month free trial for the service, and once that ends, you have a አስተናጋጅ of subscription options with attractive prices, that will convince you to stay on for a longer period.

ደረጃ መስጠት: 5.00/ 5. ከ 1 ድምጽ.
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