One of the major talking points of iPhones to date is their battery life. Historically, ፓም has always gone for a marginally smaller battery unit, and the way they actually ጎትት ጠፍቷል the stellar battery life is through optimizations in the iOS software.

The features in the iPhone, are smart enough to detect when they are needed, and the rest of the time, they either turn off or enter a power-saving mode. One such ባህሪ ን ው ማሳያ በሰዓቱ.

It is well known that the display of a smartphone usually sucks up the maximum battery and in order to optimize battery life, the iPhone is designed to turn off the display when it is not in use. The timeout can be set by the user, but it is recommended that a shorter timer out is always recommended.

አሁን ከእነዚያ ተጠቃሚዎች አንዱ ከሆኑ ማሳያው በማንኛውም ጊዜ እንዲበራ ከሚፈልግ ያ ቅንብር እንዲሁ ይገኛል ፣ እናም በዚህ መማሪያ ውስጥ አይፎንን ከእንቅልፍ እንዴት እንደሚያቆሙ እናሳይዎታለን ፡፡

ክፈት በእርስዎ iPhone ላይ 'ቅንጅቶች' መተግበሪያ።


IPhone ን ከመተኛቱ እንዴት እንደሚያቆም


ሸብልል በቅንብሮች በኩል ምናሌ and tap on the ‘Display and Brightness’ option.


IPhone ን ከመተኛቱ እንዴት እንደሚያቆም


Now, in the display and brightness settings, tap on the ‘Auto-Lock’ option.


IPhone ን ከመተኛቱ እንዴት እንደሚያቆም


Tap on the ‘Never’ option from the drop-down menu.


IPhone ን ከመተኛቱ እንዴት እንደሚያቆም


Once you apply this setting, your iPhone will not ቁልፍ automatically, and the display will remain on until you manually lock the display. While this is an acceptable setting, you will see a significant drop in battery life, as the display will have to remain on at all times, and the longer the display turns on, the more the battery gets exhausted.

If we had to recommend a setting, we would say that the auto-lock is best left at 30 seconds, as this gives you ample time to operate your መሣሪያ, and even if it is idle, 30 seconds hits the sweet spot.

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