Your cell phone is probably your closest necessity today. It is something you use daily, store your መረጃ on, and carry everywhere. You would never want your information on the መሣሪያ compromised, so you need to take some steps to ensure that your cell phone is secure from being tracked and hacked. Your phone can fall victim to spy software such as ‘flexispy,’ ‘ተንቀሳቃሽ spy’, and ‘mSpy software.’

Even if you do not have any personal photos or documents on your smartphone, you still may be accessing your social media accounts and making bank transactions through your phone. If your phone security is compromised, a stranger could have access to all of that. One of the best ways to enhance the security of your devices is by using a secure የበይነመረብ አገልግሎት ለ ሥልጣን, Charter Spectrum offers an የበይነመረብ connection that comes with a complete security suite to protect you against cybercrimes. In addition to this, all Spectrum internet plans offer unlimited data allowance so you can consistently stay connected to the World Wide Web and carry out your መስመር ላይ activities. To place an order for such an amazing internet service, simply visit this site:, enter your zip ኮድ and street address, and you will be presented with all the latest deals available in your area.

ሞባይልዎን ለመጠበቅ አንዳንድ ቀላል መንገዶች እዚህ አሉ
የይለፍ ቃል Protect Your Phone

Make sure that your phone auto-locks if you do not ቁልፍ በእርስዎ ላይ የግል because, at times, we forget to lock our phone manually. Locking does not make a difference if your phone can unlock with the swipe gesture. You need to password protect it by using a pin, pattern, or code. A pattern is the least secure of the three but is still reliable to keep your phone locked. A pin can be a four-digit or longer one if you can recall it easily. A code is a mixture of letters, symbols, and digits. In today’s world, touch ID and facial recognition are the best options to have on your phone. This way, your data is always protected even if your phone gets stolen.

አውርድ an App Notifier

By downloading the Notifier app on your iOS or Android device, you can add a level of security. Your security will be enhanced because the app will automatically email you if any third-party መተግበሪያ is being installed on your phone. App Notifier has a paid version as well as a free version.

አንቃ Erase-All-Content የባህሪ

አብዛኛውን ጊዜ, ሕዝብ have confidential information stored on their phones, which means you should enable the option to erase all content if ten failed attempts to unlock the device are detected. This assures that the stranger or phone thief will not have access to any of the information on the phone. All the latest smartphones have this feature built-in by default. If your phone does not have this option, you can download a third-party application to give you this ሥራ.

Apple iPhones also have a ‘find my iPhone’ feature, which can track your phone if you have lost it. Make sure that the feature is ነቅቷል. Through this feature, you can log onto your iCloud and ሰርዝ all the data on your phone.

ስልክዎን ደህንነት ሳያረጋግጡ አይፎንዎን አይስሩ

If you jailbreak your iPhone, it is hard to abide by all the security measures. Your phone can get hacked or spyware can be installed in it, compromising all of your information. Make sure that if you jailbreak your phone that you have all the security features enabled. There are many paid and free cell phone security applications that any user can download. These applications track the activity on the cell phone and can ማስጠንቀቂያ the user if any fishy or unexpected activity takes place.

የመጨረሻ ቃላት

ሞባይሎቻችንን ሚስጥራዊ መረጃ እና የግል መረጃ ወደማጣት ሊያመራ ስለሚችል እንዳይከታተሉ መጠበቅ በጣም አስፈላጊ ነው ፡፡ እንደ ስልክዎን በራስ-መቆለፊያ ማቀናበር ያሉ በጣም ቀላል ደረጃዎች እንኳን ስፓይዌሮችን ወደ ስልክዎ እንዳይወርዱ ሊከላከልላቸው እንደሚችል ማስታወሱ አስፈላጊ ነው። ከሁሉም የመስመር ላይ አደጋዎች የሚከላከልልዎ ደህንነቱ የተጠበቀ የበይነመረብ ተቋም መመዝገብዎን አይርሱ ፡፡




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