If you are using a wireless አውታረ መረብ at home or at work, you must have heard of a MAC address. For those of you who don’t know,  a MAC (Media የመዳረሻ ቁጥጥር) address is a unique identifier that is assigned to a NIC (Network በይነገጽ መቆጣጠሪያ/ ካርድ). It consists of a 48 ቢት or 64-bit address, which is associated with the የአውታረ መረብ አስማሚ. MAC address can be in ሄክሳዴሲማል ቅርጸት.

በየ መሣሪያ has a unique MAC address, much like the የአይ ፒ አድራሻ or even the IMEI number on your smartphone. When it comes to smartphones like the iPhone, it is really easy to check the MAC address of the device, but keep in mind, that locating and seeing the MAC address of your device is an activity you have to do alone. Revealing the MAC address to other ሕዝብ can put your device and network at risk, so please stay vigilant.

ያ ማለት ፣ የ ‹ማክ› አድራሻውን በ iPhone ላይ እንዴት እንደሚያገኙ እስቲ እንመልከት ፡፡

ክፈት በእርስዎ iPhone ላይ 'ቅንጅቶች' መተግበሪያ።


በ iPhone ላይ የ MAC አድራሻ እንዴት መፈለግ እንደሚቻል


ሸብልል በቅንብሮች በኩል ምናሌ እና ‘አጠቃላይ’ የሚለውን አማራጭ መታ ያድርጉ ፡፡


በ iPhone ላይ የ MAC አድራሻ እንዴት መፈለግ እንደሚቻል


Tap on the ‘About’ option from the General settings menu.


በ iPhone ላይ የ MAC አድራሻ እንዴት መፈለግ እንደሚቻል


Scroll through the list and locate the ‘WiFi Address’ tab. This is nothing but your unique device MAC address.


በ iPhone ላይ የ MAC አድራሻ እንዴት መፈለግ እንደሚቻል


Once again, please ensure that you do not divulge the MAC address to other people. Your safety መስመር ላይ is of utmost importance and you have to take every little precaution to keep your security robust.

Also, if you see certain apps that claim to show you details of your MAC address or your IP address, please refrain from downloading such apps, as they are potentially harmful to your device and can actually extract all these sensitive መረጃ points of your device and what happens next is anybody’s guess.

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