The 2018 Cadillac CT6 will ባህሪ Super Cruise, the industry’s first true hands-free driving technology for the highway. Unlike other ሾፌር assistance systems, Super Cruise utilizes two advanced technology systems a driver attention system and precision LiDAR map መረጃ to ensure safe and confident vehicle ቀዶ ጥገና. In addition, its hands-free capability and driver attention system እርዳታ the driver safely complete common tasks in the car, such as using the navigation system, adjusting the audio system, or taking a phone ጥሪ.

ሱ Cruር ክሩስ አሁን ባለው የ CT6 ነባር ነጂዎች ድጋፍ ንቁ የደህንነት ቴክኖሎጂዎች ላይ በራስ-ሰር መስመድን የመተላለፊያ መስመርን ያክላል ፣ በአውቶቢስ በሚነዱበት ጊዜ የፍጥነት እና የፍጥነት መቆጣጠሪያን ያስገኛል።

That’s why we’ve added a driver attention ሥራ, to insist on driver supervision,” said Barry Walkup, chief engineer of Cadillac Super Cruise .

The driver attention system uses a small camera located on the top of the steering column that focuses exclusively on the driver and works with infrared lights to track head ቦታ to determine where the driver is looking whenever Super Cruise is in operation.If the system detects the driver has turned attention away from the road ahead for too long, it will prompt the driver to return their attention to the road ahead.If the driver does not immediately refocus on the road, Super Cruise will continue to safely steer until a further escalation of alerts prompts the driver to resume supervision.

Super Cruise is the first assisted driving technology that will use precision LiDAR map data in addition to በተመሳሳይ ሰዐት cameras, sensors and GPS.

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