Arabian Automobiles, the flagship company of the AW Rostamani Group and exclusive dealer for Nissan in Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates, is closing 2019 with substantial customer-centric discounts through its Year End Sale (YES) campaign that will exceed their expectations on selected Nissan models that will save drivers up to AED 50,000 that they can spend on other needs or carry over with them to 2020.

የአረብ አውቶሞቢሎች ዓመቱን በሙሉ መሸጡን አስታውቋል

Car buyers will enjoy heavy discounts on some of Nissan’s favorite models, including the Sentra — known for its best-in-class fuel efficiency — with savings up to AED 9,000, or ድራይቭ away in style with Kicks while saving themselves up to AED 10,000. 

ደፋር ሆኖም ቀልጣፋ ንድፍ ለሚፈልጉ ፣ አልቲማ ላይ እስከ AED12,000 ቁጠባዎች ድረስ እጃቸውን ማግኘት ይችላሉ ፣ ኃይልን የሚፈልጉ ግን ፓትፎንደርን እስከ AED30,000 ድረስ በሚቆጥረው የቁጥቋጦ ወይም የኒዮቶፓ ፓትለር ማግኘት ይችላሉ ፡፡ ቅርስ እና ዝና ፣ እስከ AED 50,000 ቁጠባዎች ያሉት።

Arabian Automobiles Company has consistently prioritized customers by presenting the most competitive prices in the market, and with these discounts, it is seeking to surpass the needs of car buyers and those curious to discover why Nissan is integrated with the heritage and legacy of the UAE.

ዘመቻው እስከ ዲሴምበር አጋማሽ ድረስ የሚካሄድ ሲሆን ለደንበኞች ለየት ያለ የዋጋ ቅናሽ እንዲያገኙ ያደርጋቸዋል።

ደረጃ መስጠት: 4.00/ 5. ከ 1 ድምጽ.
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