AMD today announced the expansion of the AMD Ryzen Embedded ecosystem with two new AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 low-power processors that provide customers with a new TDP range of 6 up to 10 watts. AMD also announced new customers መስዋዕት Mini-PCs based on the AMD Ryzen Embedded processors from Sapphire, SECO, Simply NUC and others. 

AMD Ryzen የተከተተ መድረክን ያስፋፋል

“We are doing this with cutting-edge technology to ማሳያ immersive graphics in 4K resolution with AMD Ryzen Embedded processors, and we are now offering access to high performance in power-efficient solutions with these new low-power Ryzen Embedded R1000 processors,” said Rajneesh Gaur, corporate vice president, and general አስተዳዳሪ, Embedded Solutions, AMD. 

In April 2019, AMD launched an expansion to the Ryzen Embedded ማቀናበሪያ lineup with the AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 SoC. Built on “Zen” ሲፒዩ and Radeon “Vega” graphics cores, the Ryzen Embedded R1000 processor delivers 3X better CPU performance per watt compared to the previous ትዉልድ AMD R-series Embedded processor, and 4X better CPU and graphics performance per dollar than the competition.

The AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 family now includes two new processors designed for efficient power envelopes, the Ryzen Embedded R1102G and R1305G processors. The new processor’s scale from 6 up to 10 watts of TDP respectively, while also giving customers the ability to reduce system costs with less አእምሮ DIMMS and lower power requirements. 

Customers adopting the Ryzen Embedded R1102G and R1305G include Kontron with a ሊሰፋ የሚችል ሚኒ-ITX መድረክ and Simply NUC with a new mini PC unit called Red Oak, which offers affordable mainstream performance solutions with a cost-optimized ባህሪ set to its lineup of Ryzen Embedded based Mini PCs. 

አንጎለ TDP (W) ኮርሶች / ወጎች የሲፒዩ መሠረት ፍሩክ። (ጊኸ) 1T ሲፒዩ ከፍ አደረገ Freq። (ጋኸት) (እስከ) ጂፒዩዩዩዩዩ (ሲ.ዲ.) ከፍተኛ ጂፒዩ Freq። (ጊኸ)
አር 1305 ጂ 8-10W 2 / 4 1.5 2.8 3 1.0
አር 1102 ጂ 6W 2 / 2 1.2 2.6 3 1.0

In December 2019, AMD, along with የኦሪጂናል partners, announced that it was enabling an ክፍት ecosystem for AMD Ryzen Embedded based Mini PCs, supporting industries including display/signage, enterprise, and industrial computing. That list is expanding to include: 

  • በ AMD Ryzen የተከተቱ አምራቾች ላይ የተመሠረተ ሰንፔር አዲሱ 4 × 4 የመሣሪያ ስርዓቶች-BP-FP5 እና NP-FP5 የተከተተ ሰሌዳዎች ፣
  • Simply NUC with the new ልጥፍ Oak and Red Oak Mini PCs, based on the Ryzen Embedded R1000 and V1000 processors,
  • SECO and its AMD Ryzen Embedded Processor-based Mini PC KIT, the UDOO BOLT GEAR, that can ድራይቭ up to 4 screens in 4K resolution at 60fps at the same time. 
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