መርሴዲስ ቤንዝ ሁሉንም ኤሌክትሪክ ለመሄድ በዝግጅት ላይ ነው

መርሴዲስ ቤንዝ ሁሉንም ኤሌክትሪክ ለመሄድ በዝግጅት ላይ ነው


Mercedes-Benz is getting ready to go all-electric by the end of the decade, where market conditions allow. Shifting from electric-first to electric-only, the world’s pre-eminent luxury car company is accelerating toward an emissions-free and software-driven future. By 2022, Mercedes-Benz will have battery electric vehicles (BEV) in all segments the company serves. From 2025 onwards, all newly launched vehicle architectures will be electric-only and customers will be able to choose an all-electric alternative for every model the company makes. Mercedes-Benz intends to manage this accelerated transformation while sticking to its profitability targets.


መርሴዲስ ቤንዝ ሁሉንም ኤሌክትሪክ ለመሄድ በዝግጅት ላይ ነው


To facilitate this shift, Mercedes-Benz is unveiling a comprehensive plan which includes significantly accelerating R&D. In total, investments into battery electric vehicles between 2022 and 2030 will amount to over €40 billion. Accelerating and advancing the EV portfolio plan will bring forward the tipping point for EV adoption.

የቴክኖሎጂ ዕቅድ

አርክቴክቶች-እ.ኤ.አ. በ 2025 መርሴዲስ ቤንዝ ሶስት የኤሌክትሪክ-ብቻ የሕንፃ ሕንፃዎችን ይጀምራል።

  • MB.EA will cover all medium to large size passenger cars, establishing a scalable modular system as the electric backbone for the future EV portfolio.
  • AMG.EA will be a dedicated performance electric vehicle platform addressing technology and performance-oriented Mercedes-AMG customers.
  • VAN.EA ለዓላማ ለተሠሩ የኤሌክትሪክ ቫኖች እና ቀላል የንግድ ተሽከርካሪዎች አዲስ ዘመን ውስጥ ያስገባል ፣ ይህም ለወደፊቱ ለጋስ ነፃ መጓጓዣ እና ለከተሞች አስተዋፅኦ ያደርጋል።
አቀባዊ ውህደት

After reorganizing its powertrain activities to put planning, development, purchasing, and production under one roof, Mercedes-Benz will deepen the level of vertical integration in manufacturing and development, and insource electric drive technology. This step includes the acquisition of UK-based electric motor company YASA. With this deal, Mercedes-Benz gains access to unique axial flux motor technology and expertise to develop next-generation ultra-high performance motors. In-house electric motors, such as the eATS 2.0, are a key part of the strategy with a clear focus on efficiency and the overall cost of the entire system, including inverters and software. China, the world’s largest new energy vehicle (NEV) market, which is home to hundreds of companies and suppliers specialized in EV components and software technologies, is expected to play a key role in accelerating the Mercedes-Benz electrification strategy.


Mercedes-Benz will need a battery capacity of more than 200 Gigawatt hours and plans to set up eight Gigafactories for producing cells, together with its partners around the world. This is in addition to the already planned network of nine plants dedicated to building battery systems. Next-generation batteries will be highly standardized and suitable for use in more than 90% of all Mercedes-Benz cars and vans while being flexible enough to offer individual solutions to all customers. With regard to cell manufacturing, Mercedes-Benz intends to team up with new European partners to develop and efficiently produce future cells and modules, a step that ensures that Europe remains at the heart of the auto industry even in an electric era. Cell production will give Mercedes-Benz the opportunity to transform its established powertrain production network.

With the next battery generation, Mercedes-Benz will work with partners like SilaNano to further increase energy density by using silicon-carbon composite in the anode. This will allow for unprecedented range and even shorter charging times. When it comes to solid-state technology, Mercedes-Benz is in talks with partners to develop batteries with even higher energy density and safety.

ኃይል በመሙላት ላይ

Mercedes-Benz is also working on setting new standards in charging: “Plug & Charge” will allow customers to plug in, charge and unplug without extra steps needed for authentication and payment processing. Plug & Charge will go live with the market launch of the EQS later this year. Mercedes me Charge is already one of the world’s largest charging networks and currently comprises more than 530,000 AC and DC charging points worldwide. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz is working with Shell on expanding the charging network.

ቪዥን EQXX

መርሴዲስ-ቤንዝ በአሁኑ ጊዜ ከ 1,000 ኪሎ ሜትር በላይ የሆነ የእውነተኛ ዓለም ክልል ያለው ኤቪኤን ኤክስኤክስኤክስ ፣ ኤሌክትሪክ መኪና በ 100 ኪሎሜትር (ከ 6 ማይል በላይ በኪው) በአንድ ሀይዌይ የመንገድ ፍጥነት ላይ በማነጣጠር ላይ ነው። ከመርሴዲስ ቤንዝ ኤፍ 1 ከፍተኛ አፈፃፀም የኃይል ማስተላለፊያ ክፍል (ኤች.ፒ.ፒ.) ባለሙያዎችን ጨምሮ ባለብዙ ዲሲፕሊን ቡድን በፕሮጀክቱ ግቦች ግቦች ላይ ፈጣን እድገት እያደረገ ነው። የዓለም ፕሪሚየር በ 2022 ይሆናል። በቪዥን EQXX የተደረጉ የቴክኖሎጂ እድገቶች ተስተካክለው በአዳዲስ የኤሌክትሪክ ሕንፃዎች ውስጥ ለአጠቃቀም ጥቅም ላይ ይውላሉ።

የምርት ዕቅድ

መርሴዲስ ቤንዝ በአሁኑ ጊዜ የገቢያ ፍላጎትን ለመከተል የተነደፈውን ከፍ ካለው ፍጥነት ጋር ለኤሌክትሪክ-ብቻ ውፅዓት ዓለም አቀፍ የምርት አውታረ መረቡን እያዘጋጀ ነው። ወደ ተጣጣፊ ማምረቻ እና ወደ ዘመናዊው MO360 የምርት ስርዓት ወደ መጀመሪያ ኢንቨስትመንቶች ምስጋና ይግባቸውና መርሴዲስ ቤንዝ ዛሬ ቤቪዎችን በብዛት ማምረት ይችላል። በሚቀጥለው ዓመት ልክ በሶስት አህጉራት በሰባት ቦታዎች ላይ ስምንት የመርሴዲስ ቤንዝ የኤሌክትሪክ ተሽከርካሪዎች ይመረታሉ። በተጨማሪም በመርሴዲስ ቤንዝ ኤጅ የሚንቀሳቀሱት ሁሉም ተሳፋሪ መኪና እና የባትሪ መገጣጠሚያ ጣቢያዎች በ 2022 ወደ ካርቦን-ገለልተኛ ምርት ይለወጣሉ። የማምረቻ ውጤታማነትን ለማሳደግ መርሴዲስ ቤንዝ በከፍተኛ ፈጠራ የባትሪ ምርት እና አውቶማቲክ ውስጥ ከጀርመን ዓለም አቀፍ መሪ ከ GROB ጋር ኃይሎችን እያቀላቀለ ነው። ስርዓቶች ፣ የባትሪውን የማምረት አቅሙን እና እውቀቱን ያጠናክራሉ።

People Plan

The transition from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles is feasible and already underway at Mercedes-Benz. Working together with employee representatives, Mercedes-Benz will continue the transformation of its workforce, making use of extensive re-skilling schemes, early retirement as well as buyouts. TechAcademies will be offering colleagues training for future-oriented qualifications. In 2020 alone, about 20,000 employees in Germany were trained in aspects of e-mobility. To deliver on plans for developing the MB.OS operating system, 3,000 new software engineering jobs will be created worldwide.

የፋይናንስ ዕቅድ

መርሴዲስ ቤንዝ በ 2020 መገባደጃ ላይ ለተዘረዘሩት የሕዳግ ኢላማዎች ቁርጠኛ ነው። ያለፈው ዓመት ግቦች 25% ድቅል እና ኤሌክትሪክ ተሽከርካሪዎችን በ 2025 በመሸጥ ግምት ላይ ተመስርተዋል። የዛሬው ድጋሜ በ 50 እስከ 2025% በሚገመተው የ xEV ድርሻ ላይ የተመሠረተ እና እ.ኤ.አ. በአሥር ዓመት መጨረሻ ላይ በመሠረቱ ወደ ሙሉ ኤሌክትሪክ የተቀየረ ለአዲስ የመኪና ሽያጭ የገቢያ ሁኔታ።

An important lever is to increase net revenue per unit by raising the proportion of high-end electric vehicles such as Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes-AMG models, while at the same time taking more direct control over pricing and sales. Rising revenue from digital services will further support results. Mercedes is also working on further reducing variable and fixed costs and cutting the CAPEX share of investments.

Investments in combustion engines and plug-in hybrid technologies will drop by 80% between 2019 and 2026. On this basis, Mercedes-Benz projects company margins in a BEV world that are similar to those in the ICE era.

ገና ምንም ድምጾች የሉም።
እባክዎ ይጠብቁ ...